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A Coruña is a great city open to the world and the sea.

In addition to its historical monuments, such as the Tower of Hercules, and its cultural and gastronomic wealth, the city stands out for its modernist architecture and the great attraction of its buildings, squares and streets, where you can feel the pulse of the city while you enjoy from your bike.

In A Coruña you can enjoy one of the longest urban promenades in Europe, ideal for discovering the city without losing sight of the charm of the sea.

When you arrive at the Hotel Carrís Marineda you will rest in our complete and comfortable rooms, spacious and functional, in a comfortable and quiet environment.


A simple and beautiful route. The A Coruña promenade has a bike lane and few uneven areas. Ideal if the weather is good to go out for a walk. If we have a mountain bike we can even go around the Tower of Hercules and be closer to the sea.

You can start anywhere on the promenade and its low difficulty allows it to be done in different ways. The only ramp with some difficulty is that of the Millennium or the one that goes up from O Portiño. From the Marina to Bens, it is possible to enjoy A Coruña on two wheels.

Bens and San Pedro
If what we are looking for is a little more difficulty and face a route with more unevenness without leaving the municipal area, a good option is to go up to Mount Bens and Mount San Pedro. Both have a height above sea level of almost 150 meters.
One possibility to face both climbs is to cycle the stretch of the promenade to Bens beach, passing the WWTP. If we look hard we can go up the ramp to the Nostián landfill, although we will not be able to advance much further, since the municipal limit is located on this road.
From the beach, it is possible to go up to Bens by tracks or by road, depending on our bike. Once at the top, you can also go down by track, towards the Agora, as well as by road, towards San Pedro de Visma. From either of the two places you can get to Mount San Pedro without undue difficulty, passing through the upper part of Los Rosales. In total, there are about 12 kilometers that we can expand by making more sections of the promenade.

Novo Mesoiro
If we have a mountain bike and we want to get on stony and muddy roads, a good option is to get to the top of Novo Mesoiro. The old mount of Feáns still preserves trails surrounded by trees and vegetation. They are located in the upper part of this neighborhood, although it is also possible to access them from the border with Arteixo, next to the Feáns cemetery.
It is a question of several tracks with continuous slopes of low demand that allow to do different circuits. It is also possible to cross the road to the cemetery and enter the paths of the Breogán urbanization. A very enjoyable area for mountain bike lovers.

Castro de Elviña
The Castro de Elviña, or its surroundings, can also be explored with a mountain bike. They do not offer as much variety of roads and tracks as Novo Mesoiro, but they allow a route that can go to Feáns or to A Zapateira, alternating road and mountain.
It is possible to access this area both from the Elviña campus and from Feáns, along the Campos road. Before the construction of the third round, it offered different alternatives that also derived in Mesoiro and, in turn, could be connected with Pocomaco, As Rañas or Vio. Now, the road only allows you to go to one of those two places, although it is a good way of passage if we go by bicycle.

To Zapateira
If we want a greater unevenness, A Zapateira is our place. Getting to this area can be more difficult if we access both from the Elviña campus and from Feáns. Once at the top, one of the funniest areas would require leaving the council and would be crossing mountains that belong to Culleredo.
As happened with the Castro de Elviña, a route through A Zapateira without leaving the municipality may be somewhat scarce. Therefore, it can be combined with Castro itself or with different roads that lead to this neighborhood


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  • Full Board
  • Restautant
  • Bike routes
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  • Airport transfer
  • Tv
  • Free Wi Fi

Galicia area is talking about passion for cycling.

The bicycle is an unbeatable option to travel the coast and the interior of Galicia enjoying the experience to the fullest.

It is also a great ally for sightseeing in an innovative way, traveling the multiple routes that exist and that you can adapt to the level of difficulty that best suits you and divide by sections in case you want to extend your stay in this natural paradise .



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