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Imagine that you are already on holiday, that you are already in Menorca enjoying its beautiful beaches, prehistoric sites, and all that the island has to offer.

Now imagine that feeling of well-being when you arrive at the Royal Life Apartments after an intense day of cycling along its roads or mountain biking along the Camí de Cavalls,
The apartments offer a bike station for storing and a workshop with all kinds of tools for the maintenance of your bike.

At Royal Life we have apartments with double or triple capacity as well as studio flats to suit all cycle tourists.


  • Bike station
  • Work station
  • E-Bikes charching station
  • Bike routes
  • Bike washing area

Menorca offers a privileged climate with more than 300 days of sunshine per year, a coastline and coves to fall in love with, and hundreds of signposted paths that run through the island and its perimeter that are perfect for the practice of cycling.

It is one of the Balearic Islands, a paradise for cycling tourism, where specially mountain bike lovers will be able to enjoy an environment that seems to be designed for mountain biking.

With the GR-223, the Camí de Cavalls as the standard-bearer for mountain biking in Menorca, a perimeter route around the island offering sea views on most of the itinerary but at the same time only suitable for cyclists with a certain amount of mountain biking experience, due to the rough terrain and the technical climbs and descents.

The infrastructure is constantly improving for those who want to enjoy road cycling, having the possibility of climbing Menorca's highest mountain, El Toro, or taking on a short but very demanding climb such as s'Enclusa.

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